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          华昌铝业 About

          Guangdong Huachang Group Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the China aluminum capital - Guangdong Foshan. As the all aluminum application service provider, the group offers professional services that include research and development, designs, production, sales and technical support. The group has strong strength: it covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters, employs over 3,800 peoples, including more than 500 senior engineers and technicians, and has an annual production capacity of around 500,000 tons.

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          联系我们 contact
          • Domestic Business Department

            Tel: 0757-85528593 / 81823670 / 81823669

            Fax: 0757-85557488

            Contact: Ms. Liang

          • Direct Sales Engineering Department

            Tel: 0757-81823680 / 81823672

            Fax: 0757-81823677

            Contact: Mr. He

          • International Business Department

            Tel: 0757-85582308 / 81185165 / 89957569

            Fax: 0757-855558931

            Contact: Mr. Zhou

          • JiangSu Huachang Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd.

            Address: East Hanxing Road, Peixian County Economic Development zone, JiangSu Province, China 

            Tel: 0516-89940815

            Fax: 0516-89940811

            E-mail: jiangsu-hc@huachang-alu.com

          • Huachang aluminum Hong Kong limited

            Address: Room 4106, One Midtown, No. 11, Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

            Tel: +852 23437733

            Fax: +852 23437733

            E-mail: huachang-hk@huachang-alu.com

          • Australian Subsidiary

            Address: 32 Hopetoun Street South Perth, Australia 6151

            E-mail: hcaust@huachang-alu.com

          • Wacang Aluminium GmbH

            Address: c/o debicon?GmbH, Zwischen den Brücken 3, 21614 Buxtehude

            E-mail: master@huachang-alu.com

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